Customer Reviews

"To me Baobab has been my second home in the world and first in SA. I came whilst young back in 2016 but I have been living here at the Bao till todate. I have accomplished many things whilst here, my first degree and now doing my second and if it happens I get a job or further studies I will still stick at the Bao. Great managerial staff and very supportive people across all properties. If you want this experience, please consider The Baobab Accomodation for your next stay in this beautiful city in the world"
Victor Kajungu Gabone
Geotechnical Engineering Student at the University of Cape Town
"Looking for the most affordable accommodation with great accessibility (proximity to academic institution and Cape Town city centre), high security (in terms of good neighborhood and safe access during day and night), and good management (to professionally manage and timely address facility repair/replacement issues), and home comforts, I’m glad to have luckily landed on The Baobab Student Accommodation. I’m very pleased to say, thank you The Baobab for exceedingly meeting all these expectations of mine. The staff – amazing! The management – first class! This eliminated accommodation-related issues during my nearly 4 years of stay there as a doctoral student, allowing me to focus on what mattered most – my academics. Thank you and keep up with this great service"
Denis Awany
Human Genetics PhD Candidate at the University of Cape Town
"We are ever grateful to BAOBAB for their amazing help and support to one of our children in need who finished school last year. They not only offered him a place to stay at a very reasonable rate but a home with a heart in the person of Mrs Pillay (owner) and Norman (care taker/house father) and all other staff. They were extremely gracious and supportive with his situation and having a heart for young people who have to live away from significant others. Thank you very much from all of our staff and children at the SA Children’s Home".
Vasti de Villiers
Acting Manager, SA Children's Home
"Here is a mention of things I like about the Baobab student accommodation
· It is a walking distance to Jammie shuttles
· It is close to upper campus
· There is free WiFi provided every month
· It has sufficient amenities
· It is safe
· It well properly and regularly maintained"
Amanda Gotsana
Civil Engineering Student at the University of Cape Town
"One of my worst fears studying in Cape Town was being without shelter hence I settled for the 1st Accommodation option I got in Belhar. Eventually the traveling got too much since I was always tired and would arrive late for class because of bus delays. That's when I realized I needed a place close to campus. I used to pass by the Baobab everyday going to and from campus but I was scared to enquire of the place because honestly staying close to town is expensive, until I decided to give it a shot and only then I found my second home".
Rose Motloung
3rd year student at CPUT
"It has been an utmost pleasure for my child to be in your accommodation. Being with peace and at ease as a parent for trusting Baobab in the safety and security they offer. The level of understanding between the landlord and us the parents have been amazing in these trying times, both parties carrying the load accordingly to make ends meet. With appreciation, I recommend this dwelling for anyone looking for shelter at Baobab. Thank you."
Mrs Tlhoiwa
From a tenant's mother