Partnership for a digital Africa

The P4DA is a not-for-profit organization, which we established to bring together top talent from government, universities, industry and community organisations to pursue innovation and drive tech-based economic development in Africa.

As the P4DA is a not for profit organisation, it is not driven by increasing shareholder value but rather on achieving its mission. All funds generated by the organisation are reinvested in furthering the objectives of the organisation viz. creating an open innovation ecosystem, driving collaboration, collective problem-solving and creating African digital solutions and innovations that address the world’s most pressing problems.

The key driver for the projects we pursue is social impact and knowledge (IP) creation. The intellectual genesis of the digital revolution is collaboration – people working together to pioneer technological breakthroughs that have allowed them to nurture their own imagination and ally creatively with others. This is the opportunity that awaits us if we meaningfully engage in this transformation journey.

Current projects:

Smart Community Safety and Security Project – Personal Panic Button

On the 28th November 2018, the Partnership for a Digital Africa (P4DA), hosted a Safety and Security Project Launch at the I-CAN Centre in Elsies River.

One of the core ideas emerging from the summit was a personal panic button aimed at leveraging the power of the community to help other community members. A prototype was demonstrated at the event and various ideas around this was discussed.

For more information on progress on this project, see here

Launch of community security event
Safety and Security Project Launch, November 2018
Personal Panic Button
Personal Panic Button
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The Digital Africa Neighbourhood Market

The P4DA has created a simple, no fuss platform that makes it easy for businesses to trade online. Our objective is to allow businesses of any size and in any community to trade online – without needing to have any technical skills or incurring costs to have their own online stores developed. We also encourage local ecosystems and inclusive growth. This is one of the reasons why we have also asked businesses to handle aspects like deliveries themselves or via members of their own communities. This allows them to keep their costs lower and ensure that all economic benefits flow back into their community.

For more information on our online market, or to sign up as a customer or vendor, go here

What is the Digital African Neighbourhood Market?

How to use the Marketplace to support your Small Business