Deposit Refund Policy

This deposit is refundable within 14 days after the end date of the lease period, provided other
conditions have been met viz:

1. Tenant and The Baobab must conduct outgoing room inspection together

2. If tenant does not attend outgoing inspection, The Baobab will conduct the inspection and
list all items to be replaced/ repaired. The Tenant will accept The Baobab’s outgoing
inspection and the deductions from the deposit and will have no recourse in this regard.

3. The deposit may be used for the purpose of repairing damage for which the tenant is
responsible, replacing broken or lost items, cleaning, paying unpaid rent, or as part of the
cancellation fee for a broken lease.

4. When all deductions have been made, The Baobab will reconcile tenant’s account and refund what remains of the deposit to the bank account specified by the tenant.
Note: The security deposit cannot be applied in lieu of the last month’s rental. Rent must be paid until
the end date of the lease.