COVID Response

As our tenants return, we have put the following measures in place for their and our safety.

  • We do regular sanitizing and cleaning, where all surfaces are sterilised using industrial strength chemicals.
  • We have clearly marked sterilizing detergent in all kitchens, so residents can sterilize surfaces before and after use themselves
  • We have a clearly marked hand sanitising station at the entrance to every property
  • Our staff have been trained to take this very seriously. They wear masks and gloves when they are in the properties. They also carry their own hand sanitisers.
  • Staff is monitored on their cleanliness and will not be at work should they show any signs or symptoms of infection.
  • We have signage throughout all our properties, and we request our tenants to maintain all appropriate protocols.
  • We are monitoring these events as they develop and will keep you informed of any changes that may occur.
  • Click here for the COVID-19 Coronavirus South African Resource Portal