African Ideas is a strategy and innovation consulting firm focused on Africa. Their consulting services focus on strategic planning, research and disruptive innovation especially related to the impact of digitisation across society. African Ideas collaborates with companies and governments to devise transformative growth strategies, build innovation capabilities, and create products, services and solutions that improve people’s lives.

African Ideas is a partner in our NPO, the Partnership for a Digital Africa. The Baobab Ideas Lab is also a seller of African Ideas products and services.

African Ideas has been the technology partner of The Baobab Student Accommodation since we opened. Some of the services they have provided to us over the years are:

  1. Installation and management of a customized internet service for our properties, ensuring that we get the best possible service for most of our users, at the best possible prices
  2. Installation and management of CCTV cameras in all our student properties, ensuring we keep our tenants safe
  3. Installation and management of Biometric and tag access systems in some of our properties
  4. Development, installation and maintenance of a timing device on our stoves, solving the problem of tenants leaving these appliances on after they are done cooking

National Google Development Summit, August 2019,
Stove safety timer developed for The Baobab Student Accommodation
Nirvesh Sooful, CEO, at a Social Innovation Conference, Oct 2010